Monday, November 3, 2008

skimp tities

Dem tits are skimp.  Mah gran'mamy don told mah dat if yo ass don't catch da firs bus deres always anotha one.  Mah pops tol' mah dat you gosta test drive da whip befo' you cop it.  Flagscrap is aight, but Eldo is like tits on glass, DYNAMITE.  Curmudgeon went down yesterday, javid sandbagged me with some wrong beta, but once i got the proper shit down it went real quick.  bouldering is the shit, i miss bouldering quite a bit.  sometimes i axe myself why don't i boulder more often, but then i realize that i like climbing more that 8 feet.  Church was in session today at eldo, we were about 5 minutes late, but thats alright we had to get breakfast.  The congregation was still opening with the introductory song:  (Praise to the god in the highest).  So we roll in the parking lot and my main damie, da choir boi, Jason scoops us with his craghound and we embark to get reall religious on some climbing.  Blowin past boties on the approach, we needed jesus to forgive us of our sins.  After being forgivin fo' our trespasses, we start on some stemming shit to a tips crack, continue to another dihedral with some stemming then holler at some Land of Ra.  Ra was a saint who died in a car crash a few years back, true story.  You know some bodies only stay in church for an hour, but my family likes to stay all day, you know bible study, shoot the shit with the priest, confession, baptizisms, yea dats spelt right, confirmations, choir practice.  Climbing is not just a sport or a lifestyle but a religion.  

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