Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Starting is Always the Hardest

For the past week in Arkansas the conditions have been getting really good. Temperatures have been around a high of 60 and a low of 25. It seems as though the season is coming a lot faster this year than in years past, but still the best temps are a ways away.

Several weeks ago my brother and I adventured out to Invasion to see what it was about. The Invasion is a very majestic place with quite a few routes, all of high quality, and many undeveloped boulders. After less than 30 minutes of hiking we came across a beautiful boulder with a line from left to right on a rail system. After talking to several locals we found out that the boulder had not been sent, but was known as Her Majesty and thought to go at V10. The boulder is quite amazing and I can't wait to give it some efforts.

Her Majesty

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