Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Food Poisoning is Not the Waddage

So, exactly that, the only thing that might be worse than food poisoning are paper cuts from cardboard, and that's only because their intensity is shorter lived.  I managed to cook a meal the night before yesterday for a special someone and Youngmoney.  Well, turns out I was the only one to get sick, which is fine, but the soup came out all wrong from the beginning.  Wrong consistency, missing ingredients, but at least it had love.  Starting yesterday around 4 in the a.m., I could not sleep and couldn't keep anything inside me.  Simply terrible.  I spent the whole day by myself trying to sleep and trying to work on a portfolio, but no such luck on either.  

Last night, I decided to give up early and go to bed.  The one person I wanted to see could not be found, but such is life.  To quote Jason, "they can't do it like you," sums up why I wanted that help above all the others.  So, another sleepless night, which is why this post has such a crazy timestamp.  It was one of those where you think you are sleeping and surely it must be almost daybreak, but in actuality it's 1:45 and the eternity you spent in the half and half land was only 3 hours.  If this is what hell is like, I hope I'm not damned with such a fate.

On a brighter note, Youngmoney, Mr. Delaware, a fellow named Jordan, two girls (one of which is the special one), myself, and probably some other unknown gentlemen are going to the desert this weekend for a little climbing.  I've always thought if you can't like trad climbing in Indian Creek, then you can't like it.  We'll see if that holds true.  Also, if everything goes well, I should have a new camera by then, and hopefully Mr. Delaware will give me some tutorials on howda use dat new camera.  

Goodnight moon. 

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