Wednesday, December 2, 2009

One Sixth

I spend one sixth of my total hours each week standing in front of this board with these holds. This is my most dominate, time-consuming relationship outside of work and sleep. Sometimes I pause and talk to people, but for the most part it's full throttle, no holds bared, all out war to succeed at whatever I decide is the task. I love the simplicity of the party tricks, a few moves, and failing because I am physically incapable. It is in front of this board that I realize my body has blatant deficiencies, inabilities, and a blessing or two. It is a beautiful thing to be constantly failing and, at the same time, gaining a deeper understanding of how your body works.


Jess Horn said...

You should try yoga... it produces a similar joy. :)

Matt Pellegrini said...

I really like that wall! What degree is it? That seems really ideal for training specific movements or hand positions, especially because of the mirrored holds.