Thursday, January 8, 2009

Diving in head-first, the last month and a half has been crazy. Four holidays came and went, if others count my birthday as that but it's another day of the week even to me. I went from Memphis to Chattanooga to Lexington to Memphis to Chattanooga to Memphis to Fayetteville and hopefully I stay put for long enough not to live out of the trunk of my Camry. I've run into old friends and explored with new ones. By the way, making new friends equals la buona vita. So it's Fayetteville for a while and it comes with old baggage, "if you will," most of which one doesn't mind carrying. Reminiscing is certainly a past time of mine, so the college alma mater should do well.

The sole purpose of coming to Arkansas is to climb rocks. Others might argue for attending college or visiting a national river, but it's really rock climbing. A four, sometimes, gentlemanly squad has made the trip. Two will leave for school in several days and the other is putting his hopes and dreams over the next several months into securing his legendary status as a rock/gym climber in the state, as well as possibly the first Wal-mart door greeter under the age of 60 with a three digit IQ. Over the last two days these three have done some serious rock climbing in record fashion; hopefully there is much more to come before the school boys leave. The next post will be photos of said recent and complete domination. (Side note: it takes a committed individual to begin a road trip with less than a Franklin in the pocket, i know several with such levels of commitment.) As for me, I'm considering quitting rock climbing and taking up golf professionally. Others have paved this way and I believe it will be more lucrative than selling shoes or chasing rocks around the world.

Currently, it is crisp and sunny in Fayetteville. It is a Thursday afternoon and a rest day which means one thing, we're preparing mentally and physically to drink drinks and holler holler holler tonight at Grubs. Should be interesting since one of us isn't old enough to do the former and half of us are broke, eliminating all plans for the night.

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