Thursday, January 22, 2009

Second Ascents

Two nights ago several friends were talking about climbing. One asked another if he had put up anything recently. The unspecific nature of the question was a bit confusing to the person it was posed. Was it about opening new boulders, claiming first ascents, or simply climbing rocks? The answer: no, just second ascents.
As of late, Jeremy Tyler Walton has been on a second ascent spree. Now, that's not the most difficult thing to maintain in Arkansas since first ascents are going up everywhere and few people do a good job of sharing information about a new climb. Nonetheless, the guy has been "turning beef to patties" to quote Lil' Wayne. Last Monday, he added another tick to his second ascent list with his quick send of Ryan Sewell's Broken Earth (v11/12) at Fontaine Red. Later I received the full list of his second ascents, some of which only two people have done. Neat.

Dragon Slayer (v12), Little Rock City, FA: Tony Lamiche
Reflections (v10), Little Rock City, FA: Matt Bosley
Shadow Jumper (v11/12), Horseshoe Canyon Ranch, FA: Jason Kehl
Release the Squirrels (v12), Split Rocks, FA: Dave Graham
Western Gold (v11), Laurel Snow, FA: Jimmy Webb
Broken Earth (v11/12), Fonatine Red, FA: Ryan Sewell
God Given (v10), Horsepens 40, FA: Josh Reyes
Her Majesty (v10), Fontaine Red, FA: Scott Fitzgerald
Crimpit's Tea Room (v10), Goat Farm, FA: Blake Strickland
Dirt Merchant Direct (v10), Springdale, Fa: yours truly

Ryan Sewell's Broken Earth climbs what Ryan claims are "some of the smallest crimps he can hold." Agreed.


Ryan Sewell said...

NICE!! Sick work Jeremy and I am so psyched that someone else did it! Hope it wasn't too much of a pain in the ass to find, and I know it's not the best climb in the Ozarks but it is a pretty cool looking wall in my opinion. Again nice work Jeremy and good post David, hope to see some new lines soon!
Cheers, Ryan

Anonymous said...


some guy from minnesota spring 08