Sunday, March 28, 2010

"The Freakin Weekend..."

Well, the weekend is over and I didn't have to work for once. First weekend off in 3 months and first time to have two days off since I can't remember when. Anyway, lots of fun has been had. I managed to get my first sunburn in Boulder today and play some basketball outside for the first time in 2010. Did the Pearl Street shuffle with Greg and Rob, and watched some basketball at the Lazy Dog. Slept past 8am two days in a row and have my workout streak up to 5 days. Stinks to take time off from climbing, but working can be a little amusing. Went out Friday night with Pierre and Jasmine from Fayetteville. Lots of fun! Got to visit Verve yesterday, which was nice. Got some new clothes from them which means I no longer have to weat the same pair of shorts and underwear. Now if Verve only made basketball jerseys. Not that jerseys are the most performance oriented, but LeBron seems to perform just fine in them. Well, at least I have more options for the upcomming summer bouldering season in the alpine country and don't have to do laundry twice a week.

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mancub said...

Verve should make jerseys. with my face embroidered in it. yup.