Tuesday, January 12, 2010

First Day of School

Unfortunately I am no longer in school, as I have graduated. So today was another day and not one loaded with firsts. The update since the last post goes like this in an truncated fashion. Drive all night to El Paso. Touch but don't climb. Go to the emergency room because I'm dying, or so I think. Parent come to the hospital on Christmas. Have surgery. Drive back to Denver and stay with them in a hotel for a week to recover. Spend time with friends. Quit being a nanny. Go back to selling shoes full-time. Begin climbing again. Move out. Move in. First day of class, but no more school.

Now, a moment for some New Year's Resolutions, as they are much needed and should finally be documented in an attempt to force adherence.
1. I've heard this from several people already, but drink more water. This especially applies to me as it relates to my surgery.
4. Get a new job.
5. Take 3 pictures that I completely love.
6. Climb something that would impress me.
7. Climb 8B and not v13, because it sounds wonderful that way.
8. Sell out for someone I love.
9. Allow myself to be comfortable with commitment.


beccaclimbsrocks said...

you totally read my blog post before writing this didn't you.
regardless, i want to let you know i'm proud of you and am psyched to call you a friend. that is all :)

mancub said...

more ambition and desire=more rewarding results. go get'em!

Said said...

I'm totally committed to you.