Thursday, February 2, 2012

Gettin' Stout!

New post from the grave! Impressively enough it's been over 15 months since the last post. I read a few old ones the other day and that's some decent blogging. I mean sometimes it's terrible and then there's manageable times, but on the whole it's alright. Well, the first day of Stout Month is over and that means one thing...MAN UP! There's only so man days to holler at amazing stouts at those special restaurants and I seriously regretting chopping the jihad beard. Still looking like Forest Gump most days but it's just not the same without the Jr. Jesus going on in the facial region. So the point of this month is to taste stouts, grow chops, and (for me) not rock climb. The first two result in lots of friends new and old and the last makes my shoulder happy. See, I separated my AC joint and I figured stretching and drinking beer for a month would be a beneficial way to spend February. Yay TeaM! That and pirating some music like it's my job couldn't hurt much during this shortened month. Well, that's that and I'm just sayin'.

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