Monday, July 26, 2010

Park 5-13

Park visits five through thirteen have been a lot of different things. Some days projects were obliterated and other days the warm-ups felt terrifying and impossible. It has been a solo effort and a mission of exploration at times, while others were filled with so much routine and people that it seemed like a gym. New friends have been made and old ones reunited. History lessons from old masters were imparted upon eager ears. These are a few of the reasons why the Park is so appealing to me. Oh, and all your levels of fitness sky-rocket, but you are left as an exhausted zombie shell of your form self. Usually, I would tell you who sent what and which days it happened, but not this time. Instead, I will tell snippets of stories. They will be teasers, if you will.
Work has been done, and old problems were solved by fresh eyes. Someone pooped in a bag and kept it. Two people hiked to Lower Chaos in 23 minutes (no running). Several dozen tourists watched someone jump into Lake Hiyaha naked. Someone laid in piss. Someone hiked to Upper Chaos with 50 lbs. (that was a mondo and a madrock pad). Someone supposedly was carrying a tent, a belly boat, or a tree band-aid but not a crashpad. Someone literally used the restroom on a climb. Someone continues to get a parking spot at the Bear Lake parking lot on their first attempt each trip. Someone played a banjo in the Upper Chaos meadow. Well, that's pretty much what's been happening in the Park as of late. Here are a few pictures for staring pleasures.

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Tom Little said...

hahaha wonderful update. its good to know the natural processes of climbers never ceases. and i would seriously like to see someone boulder while pissing. V-piss?