Monday, February 22, 2010

Let There be Light

Over the past month, Greg and I have talked at great length over many meals and drinks about the future of our photography over the next months and year to come, as we will be living together. As a pair, we were chosen to shoot a fund-raising 5K race for the University of Colorado Triathalon Team. It was a great experience, and certainly an achievement. Our website has existed for 24 hours and we're already making a profit! Hopefully, there will be many wonderful and exciting things to come from Sundown Studios. Check out the photos from the race on our photoshelter account here...

This might not be the most politically correct, but this is how it went...

David: "How did the creation of light go in Genesis?"
Greg: "God said let there be light, so we took some f***** photos."
David: "Great, Greg. You're gonna make the national team."