Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Only One

Check this before anything else because you will be proud to have heard it before all of your friends and listen to Only One.

There have been lots of visitors in the last week and more to come. My brother (Jason), Pierre, Ariel, and Stuart made the trek from Arkansas last week and will leave this weekend. Tons of climbing has happened this week and last. Also, the parents came to town. First time to visit Boulder with me here so that has been nice and exciting to show them around. Here are a few snapshots thus far.
Mostly silliness at the Front Porch in Denver.

Looks like a Rex Quando wanna-be to me

Sometimes you only want to show half of your torso.

Taking your pants off is the only way to cure a fall on your tailbone.

Jumping in Lake Haiyaha is always a good decision no matter how cold.

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