Wednesday, March 4, 2009

COming Home

I arrived in Colorado on Saturday night after an exhausting 13hr drive.  Glad to be done with that until I have to drive to Hueco Tanks this weekend.  It's always strange returning to familiar faces and places after being away for an extended period of time.  Like seeing friends on the first day of school after summer break, I was excited to be back home.  Everyone is more or less the same, and it feels like I never really left Colorado at all.  Even the weather is the same, which is perfect.  Somehow over the past three months I managed to forget what it was like to be in Boulder, a place so full of good energy, life, and happiness that it can carry you.  This place has a vibe that makes me want to get out, live, and accomplish things.  I love it.  

Since arriving, there has been almost nothing but climbing.  Sunday, it was Carter Lake with a 12 person super posse.  Great warm weather and a peaceful setting, but terrible rock.  I've never felt or acted like a rock snob until that day; however, the friends were still top notch.  Monday, it was an early breakfast at the dinning halls and then Flagstaff.  I would like to thank Addison Maier for making my dream to eat in the dinning hall come true.  That night it was an overly pschyed session at the Spot.  My boys crushed everything with no regard for difficulty while I made up problems, coached, heckled, and brain-pointed every single problem in the gym.  Yesterday, SOrens and I ran the one-two on Turning Point in the Satellites.  A great problem and a must do if you have the strength and time.  Then it was time for a night session in the gym.  I gave moral support as she climbed all the 3 spots and rebrain-pointed everything in sight.  Today is finally a rest day, but I will get to watch Brob at the Rock Club tonight.  So excited to be back and living this week of my life in Boulder!

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